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Here you will find many PDF and eBooks for neurolinguistic patterning/neurolinguistic programming.  Many of the methods that I share and review will be person-to-person techniques, however, you will find I have a lot of material for self-improvement. The methods that deal with talking to other people are designed to have your audience feel a way that you decide or maybe agree with something that you want them to believe. The self-improvements techniques will help you defeat and control the issues that you feel are uncontrollable.

If you’re new to language patterning in general, be sure to bookmark this site and come back often.  You’ll find many new guides to take you from novice hypnotist to certified practitioner. If you’re an experienced guru looking for further knowledge, you should feel better knowing that you’re in the company of other people interested in learning the same thing.

How Effective is Hypnosis for Pain Relief?

How Effective is Hypnosis for Pain Relief?

If you've ever wondered if hypnotherapy can actually make your pain go away, you'll definitely want to read this post. I found a published article that reveals why many hospitals today employ several practitioners and such professionals can help people with real pain.

Create Emotions with Words

What is NLP Anchoring?

Anchoring is a technique that results in an instant emotional trigger in your targeted listener. Anchors are mostly physical, but more advanced techniques can attach emotions to just about anything. Imagine making someone feel like the love you by just squeezing their wrist! This article describes how to physically attach emotions for later use.

Free Your Mind

Introduction to NLP PDF for Conversation Mastery

Many people think that hypnotizing people is just for magic shows, but the initiated know it has many more uses. These techniques have been used in a lot of things to bank robbery to seduction. Here's an introduction to the many wonderful things that it can do for you in everyday life.