I’m Will. Thank you for visiting NLP PDF for Conversation Hypnosis. I want to explain a little about why I decided to write these reviews.

It starts several years ago when I met ran into an old friend at a bar one night. I was single at the time and I was looking forward to meeting girls that night. My old friend was, too. But he knew he was leaving with someone that night.

I’ll never forget how easy it was for him to control the conversation with anybody who came near him. It was even more shocking since I remembered him as a bit aloof when it came to women. He later revealed that it was because he learned a technique called Neuro-linguistic Patterning.

Because of that, I purchased an NLP guide all those years ago and my understanding of human conversations has been changed ever since.

So now, I want to help others discover the secrets of NLP by reviewing all of the available PDF’s and recommending the ones I think are most effective.

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