What is NLP Anchoring?

Create Emotions with Words

Let’s talk about nlp anchoring and how you can use this to create a long-lasting, instant trigger to create the desired emotion in your boss, co-worker, teacher, or even your love interest.

You have to be familiar with the NLP techniques from my recommended NLP PDF called Conversational Hypnosis. If you aren’t, click here and get this first.

So let’s say you are targeting your boss because you’d like to have a raise or just be in his/her good circle. You’ve been practicing NLP for a while and you’re now comfortable with conversational, neurolinguistic patterning techniques and now it’s time to put it to work.

Imagine your boss has just walked to your desk to ask you about some sort of due out, let’s say it’s a presentation. Instead of just showing them what they want like you normally do, you decide to use some NLP. You say something like:

“Yes, I have the presentation like you asked and when you see it, you’re going to feel delighted!”

Now if you don’t know what NLP is, you won’t understand why this is a VERY POWERFUL statement.

Taking it a step further though, your boss will come closer to see what you’ve put together. Now, because you patterned your emotional cues, as soon as the presentation is on the screen, your boss will have a subconscious reaction – they will feel delighted that you did, in fact, finish the presentation.

Now is the time to anchor the pattern. As you see your boss’s face react to your presentation, you should either extend a hand to handshake or place your hand on their shoulder (depending on your relationship with the boss), smile, and then apply a quick squeeze.

You HAVE to do the squeeze. It’s the squeeze that anchors the desired emotion.

And now, the work is done. Seems simple right?

Now imagine it’s a week later before you see your boss again. Maybe it’s just in passing or maybe they’re checking on some other due-out. Now this time, you won’t have to use any NLP techniques. Now, you can just use the anchor!

Reach you hand out or place your hand on the shoulder (which ever you did the first time), smile, and apply the same pressure. Your boss will experience the same delight from their first visit with you all because your successfully anchored your emotional pattern.

That’s the power of neurolinguistic patterning and conversational hypnosis. You’ll be able to create strong emotions in the people around you and have them feel more comfortable in your presence. It’s great stuff.

If you’re interested in learning more of these techniques, I would recommend you check out the following book. Thanks for reading!

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What is NLP Anchoring?
Here is a basic explanation of the very powerful NLP anchoring technique.

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